Hello world welcome to kumaun sabha rohtak

Introduction: Haryana state is ranked number one state amongst top 10 developed state and Rohtak is the one of them with growth rate of 10%. Rohtak is a Jaat dominated district with 55%, Punjabi 25% and rest 20% are other communities. Earlier this Rohtak district was a part of Sind/Punjab and separated in 1966 alongwith Haryana, Himachal pardesh. As you know Haryana surrounds Delhi on three sides, forming the Northern, Western and Southern borders of Delhi. Consequently a large area of Haryana included in Northern Capital Region. Approximate 7-8 lac Uttrakhandies are living at Haryana State in which 55% are living permanently and rest are movers. Approximate 55 Uttrakhandies Organization are working in different cities of Haryana. Kumaun sabha Rohtak is one of them. Maximum population of our UK people are in Faridabad (2 Lac), Gurgaon (1 Lac) and then Rohtak. Near about 500 hundred Kumauni people are the members of this sabha. Sabha was established in 1974 with a 36 members and now become a big family.

Membership: Every member of sabha pay Rs.100/- membership fees annually. To become a new member will have to pay Rs.500+ Rs.100= total a sum of  Rs. 600/-  and fill up a member ship form.


Main Objective :- To bring all UK organization of Haryana state under one umbrella to save our interest not only in Uttrakhand and Haryana and to grow our society & members and strong our strength by economic, social  or political. To do work for development of Kumauni peoples as well as all Uttrakhandi by way of organizing Uttrakhandi culture programmes, seminars, public awareness, tree plantation, medical camps, upliftment of poor’s  and  to save Uttrakhandi culture shaitya and historic persons .


Future Planning: – Kumaun sabha is going to built-up a community center in Ekkta colony Rohtak. The community centre will be build up on 200 gaj plot and it is expected that Rs.1 crore expenditure will come on this project. Sabha is in the process of finding financial help from the Haryana Government and as well as members of sabha and local public. Sabha also planning to build up a Mandir near the community centre. All the members are doing work for it. A Kirtan Mandali also has been formed by the sabha mostly members of this Kirtan Mandali are ladies. “Kumaun Mahilya Kirtan Mandali Rohtak” Name has been given to this Mandali. Sabha is going to launch his own website very soon and hope this will be become a mile stone in the history of the Uttrakhandi people.

Presented By :

Raj Kumar Paliwal    

President Kumaun Sabha Rohtak (Regd.)

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